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For the best books on the rich and varied cultures of Japan and Asia, as well as the wildlife and nature of Africa.

Kodansha Europe is about culture. It’s about bringing the cultures of different parts of Asia to Europe, Africa and other parts of the world so that we can all share and learn. We offer books from many different publishers covering everything you could imagine, including Architecture, Art, Cinema, Cookery, Crafts, Design, Fiction, Gardens, Health & Beauty, History & Society, Languages, Manga, Martial Arts, Natural History, Pop Culture, Photography, Religion & Philosophy, Travel...

We have also begun to make books from Africa available, starting with the amazing nature + wildlife photography of HPH Publishing. We welcome interest from any publisher in Asia or Africa seeking trade distribution and representation for Europe and beyond, or indeed from publishers in any part of the world with books on Asia or Africa.

For more detail on our books, publishers and trade representation, you can download the Kodansha Europe catalogue from the icon above and right. Individual publisher catalogues are also here, where available. Information on more recent titles are available to browse or download as individual PDFs.

Below are some of our key current new titles. For further details please click on the link above right to download our latest catalogues. For Kodansha Comics, click on the link above.
New Titles
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JCA’s Complete Japanese Cuisine FlavoR and seasoning
Japanese Culinary Academy; £50 HB; 04.2017; 978-4-908325-04-5; 288 x 218 mm; 216 pages; all colour: 300+ photos, 10 paintings/drawings recipes, glossary, index
The second in this definitive series for chefs and skilled amateurs, this book examines every element of flavour and seasoning, from cultural and nutritional background through to the preparation of flavourings and condiments and their use in a broad range of recipes / techniques.
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Japanese Culinary Academy; £50 HB; 08.2017; 978-4-908325-06-9; 288 x 218 mm; 256 pages; all colour: 300+ photos, 10 paintings/drawings recipes, glossary, index
The third in this amazing series looks at the most crucial skill of cutting - specifically the cutting and slicing techniques required for the preparation of FISH. Like all other volumes, it is illustrated with 100s of colour photos as well as drawings and includes basic recipes for professionals.
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Japanese Culinary Academy; £50 HB; 04.2018; 978-4-908325-09-0; 288 x 218 mm; 224 pages; all colour: 300+ photos, 10 paintings/drawings; recipes, glossary, index
The fourth in the ground-breaking series completes the detailed look at cutting techniques (‘mukoita’) begun in the last book: in this case relating to SEAFOOD, POULTRY and VEGETABLES. As always, richly illustrated and finely described, with supporting recipes.
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Adelin Petrisor; £39 HB; available; 978-1-56591-482-7; 244 pages; 250x250mm; 218 colour photos
The photographs of Romania’s most distinguished war correspondent shed light onto the capital of the most secretive and isolated nation in the world in 2012 – the centennial of ‘Great Leader' Kim Il-sung's birth. Stunning reality photography.
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Jonathan & Angela Scott; £39 HB; available; 978-0-9946-9240-5; 288 pages; 366x286mm; 75 colour, 65 b/w images; deluxe production; heavy art paper
“ This outstanding gallery of photographs should redefine the ‘African photobook’ genre. They are simply stunning images, entrancing and profoundly beautiful. Frankly, I don’t know how to do them justice with words…” – Chris Packham
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Dominic Roskrow; £30 HB; available; 978-1-56836-575-6; 288 pages; 250x206mm; 300 colour photos, 6 duotones, 3 b/w photos; maps / charts
A richly illustrated introduction to the phenomenon that is Japanese Whisky... at a time when it is starting to sweep all before it as awards build and international demand grows. Author Dominic Roskrow is the acknowledged world expert on the subject and this is the definitive go-to book.
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Kun Ho Park & Kyung Yong Kong; £25 PB; 02.2017; 978-1-63519-000-7; 416 pages, all colour; 226 x 156mm; 971 kanji / 250 meaning-sourced radicals; sound, meaning, radical, pattern indexes
A radical new approach founded in deep philological research into the root meanings of the constituent elements of each character. 250 root characters are identified, falling in 3 basic groups. The student remembers them subconsciously through multiple mnemonic techniques. Fascinating, educational and very effective!
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Kokan Nagayama; £65 HB; 02.2017; 978-1-56836-581-7; 356 pages; 265x195mm; 550 hand-finished sword tracings
By far the most comprehensive guide to the understanding, appreciation and appraisal of Japanese swords is available once again. Adopting a chronological framework, it examines traditions, schools, smiths, idiosyncrasies & terminology, all illustrated in great detail by the author’s own hand rubbings.
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Nobuo Nakahara; £35 HB; 02.2017; 978-1-56836-583-1; 192 pages; 260x190mm; 160 b/w photos, 140 illustrations
This is an invaluable resource for collectors. Clear explanations and frank opinions enable readers to evaluate the condition of a blade, determine whether it is healthy or problematic, and easily recognise the fundamental elements that characterise works of enduring value.
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Eric Cheetham; £18.99 PB; 04.2017; 978-0-901032-44-7; 96 pages; 300x220mm; 54 watercolours
This new book from the Buddhist Society brings together 21 stories with over 50 colour illustrations, with a map of the Old Silk Road and an extensive glossary. The young reader is transported to a world of flying monks and hidden jewels, where a magical stupa appears and then vanishes and heroes undertake great quests across ancient empires.
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LOOK AND SEE - buddhist teachings..
Ven. Myokyo-ni; £10.99 PB; 04.2017; 978-0-901032-461; 288 pages; 195x150mm
This excellent resource comprises over twenty Buddhist teaching stories with commentaries by the Venerable Myokyo-ni. The stories are collected from various Buddhist texts and can be characterised as having the Buddhist way of facing the trials life brings as their core message.
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Ven. Myokyo-ni; £10.99 PB; 04.2017; 978-0-901032-45-4; 288 pages; 195x150mm
This is a translation with commentary of a 12th century Japanese edition of the T’ang Dynasty Chinese text Zhang Dao Ge. The 67 verses lie at the heart of the Zen approach to Mahayana thought and symbolise the germ of the Buddha-nature inherent in all sentient beings. The title, is popularly known as ‘The Song of Enlightenment’.
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Trevor Leggett; £12.99 PB; 04.2017; 978-0-901032-48-5; 288 pages; 195x130mm
In this volume, Trevor Leggett presents three texts translated from Japanese and compiled to illuminate the three ages of Zen in Japan: the warrior Zen of crisis and war in the thirteenth century; the feudal Zen of eighteenth century samurai officials and finally the modern Zen found in 20th-century Japan.
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Trevor Leggett; £10.99 PB; 04.2017; 978-0-901032-47-8; 288 pages; 195x150mm
In Japanese Zen, every activity in life, including the martial arts, flower arrangement and serving tea, are considered a field for practising inner control, meditation and inspiration, and can be termed a ‘Way’. In this book, Leggett collects together translations of texts relating to this phenomenon and offers his own thoughts and observations on the subject.
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K Chaweewanakorn; £55 HB; available; 978-1-932476-80-4; 248 pages; 280x260mm; 200+ colour photos of rare hybrid cacti
This beautiful book showcases the author’s achievements in creating the famous Thai nursery Petchtamsee and nurturing the world’s largest collection of hybrid cacti: stunningly presented by iPhone 6 Fighting Fish photographer Visarute Angkatavanich. All cacti can be ordered online.
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The Vegetable Sushi Cookbook
Izumi Shoji; £17.99 PB; available; 978-1-56836-570-1; 112 pages; 251x191mm; all colour; 100 photos 100+ recipes; glossaries; index
Over 100 simple, healthy and delicious vegetarian sushi recipes covering all the different types: nigiri, gunkan, oshizushi, makizushi and chirashizushi. Full colour & easy to follow, the book includes great tips on cutting, steaming, pickling, frying and grilling.
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New Tastes in Green Tea
Mitsuko Tokunaga; £17.99 PB; available; 978-1-56836-571-8; 128 pages; 229x146mm; 60 colour + 40 b/w photos; 50+ sweet & savoury recipes, drinks & cocktails
This health phenomenon is starting to go viral: this is the definitive sourcebook and referencebook, which includes beautifully illustrated recipes for savoury dishes & desserts, hot and cold teas, and even cocktails. A great new softcover edition of one of our most popular titles of recent times.
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Shizuo Tsuji & Yoichiro Hata; £26 PB; available; 978-1-56836-567-1; 152 pages; 280x221mm; all colour; 360+ photos
The Tsuji Culinary Institute’s superb adaptation of the fine art of Japanese cooking to the needs of the home cook is available in a Revised Softcover edition, with new Foreword by David Bouley and Preface by Yoshiki Tsuji. Visually stunning; 103 recipes.
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Phillip van den Berg; £29 HB; available; 978-0-9946-7513-2; 200 pages; 280x221mm; all colour; 300+ photos
A long-awaited book of astonishingly beautiful and skilled bird photography that will be valued not only by the visitors to the Southern African reserves, but by twitchers the world over. A very handsome and practical hardcover sensibly organised.
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Kruger Self-Drive: Routes, roads and ratings
Heinrich van den Berg; £29 HB; available; 978-0-9946-7512-5; 288 pages; 280x221mm; full colour; 100-s photos, maps, charts, routes
At last! A fully comprehensive illustrated driver’s guide to the routes, tracks, sceneries, wildlife and facilities of the owrld’s greatest eco-park. With this in the car, every driver can plan their holiday to perfection – and self-drive is over and above the most popular way of visiting Kruger today.
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Black & White Phototips
Heinrich van den Berg; £18.99 Flexi; available; 978-0-9946-7510-1; 158 pages; 215x215mm; 72 monochrome photos
Fourth in the Phototips series, this one offers practical, illustrated, jargon-free advice on how to master the fine art of black & white photography in the Van den Berg’s field of expertise: nature and wildlife photography.
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Kalahari Phototips
Hannes Lochner; £18.99 Flexi; available; 978-0-9946-7511-8; 160 pages; 215x215mm; all colour; 100 photos
The 5th in the series, this offers a masterclass in nature photography in arid regions. The photographer is Hannes Lochner - the world’s acknowledged expert in the flora & fauna and pristine beauty of the Kalahari.
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Jamyang Khyentsé Wangpo’s GUIDE TO CENTRAL TIBET
Matthew Akester; £110 HB; available; 978-1-932476-60-6; 824 pages; 279x259mm; full colour throughout new & old photos; maps, biblio, index
This beautifully illustrated book is a rare example of non-liturgical literature superbly edited by Matthew Akester to offer an insight into location and nature of the many sites of pilgrimage in central Tibet − so many of which have been destroyed in recent times. The original Tibetan folios are reproduced in their entirety.
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K Debreczeny, G Tuttle (Ed.); £45 HB; available; 978-1-932476-81-1; 308 pages; 266x190mm; 77 colour photos 11 essays; footnotes; index
This publication brings together specialists in literature, history, religion and art to discuss this seminal Tibetan figure, siting him and his life’s work within the juncture of history, art and civilisation, and Tibet’s place in the larger world of the turbulent 17th century.
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Yumiko Izu; £40 HB; available; 978-1-932476-79-8; 105 pages; 290x260mm; 45 pieces; art paper platinum palladium plates
Shot with an 180-mm lens on a large-format Deardorff view camera, delicate portraits of blooms from Secret Garden are brilliantly juxtaposed with the animal skulls of the Faraway collection to create a brilliance so representative of both the technical mastery of Yumiko’s work (including the print process) as well as its deep spiritual content.
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Eiluned Edwards; £45 HB, slipcase; available; 978-93-85285-03-5; 376 pages; 305x228mm; 320 colour photos; glossary, bibliography; index
This is the definitive guide to this ancient Indian art of block-printed textiles, from origins, to manufacture to catwalk and beyond. Every detail is considered in Dr Edward’s beautifully illustrated and comprehensive study.
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The Artful Life of R. Vijay
Annapurna Garimella; £45 HB; available; 978-1-932476-77-4; 232 pages; 250x210mm; full colour; 200 photographs
An amazing hardcover that showcases the work of a highly skilled contemporary Rajasthani miniature painter in bringing to life the notions and scenes conceived by his patron American photographer Waswo X Waswo.
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Korea: Revealing the Beauty Within
Suh Jae-sik; £40 PB; available; 978-1-56591-479-7; 216 pages; 245x230mm; all colour; 235 photos
A spectacular photographic journey that sets out to reveal the inner essence of what makes Korea the extraordinary and unique place that it is. The photographer is a multi-award winner.
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Giles Tillotson (Ed.); £45 HB; available; 978-93-85285-24-0; 276 pages; 304x236mm; 169 colour, 120 b/w photos; endnotes, bibliography, index
Much of the art and classic photography from this astonishing collection is reproduced here for the first time. The book tells the story of the stunning collection in the palaces, exploring the fascinating relationship between the collected and commissioned pieces.
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Indian Tibet Tibetan India
Peter van Ham; £45 HB; available; 978-93-83098-93-4; 244 pages; 240x280mm; all colour; 280 colour photos, 50 b/w; maps, bibliography, index
In secluded and remote high-altitude valleys of breath-taking grandeur, the author has fastidiously recorded the refuges of the ancient Tibetan cultures of the Western Himalayas which now lie within the boundaries of modern India.
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